Emily Pan

Name: Emily Pan

Age: 16

Home: United States

Instagram Username: @emilypan_02

Length following Jason Paras: More than 6 months

Fun Fact: “I sing too :)”

Why would you like to win Jasonator of the week?: “I have been a Jasonator since day one! He is such a loving person and I am so glad that I am such a huge fan of him! His streaks always have inspirational/motivational messages that always make my day! I always hype him up because you always need someone to cheer you up. This is my way of showing how much I love Jason. He interacts with his fans and does so much for us. I literally liked basically all of his posts! yup DEDICATION haha :) I am super proud to be a Jasonator and I love you Jason!”

Emily Pan

Emily Pan