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How to become a Jasonator 💜


Becoming part of our family used to mean simply following and participating in things on our Instagram, but it became so much more :)


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Here are more ways you can be a part of our family!

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1) We want to show that you belong here :)

Send us a picture of you holding something that says, “Jasonator” on it! We’ll post it on this website, showing that you’re a part of the fam! ⭐️

Step 1: If you should, ask your parents. We want you to be safe (and not get in trouble).

Step 2: Take a picture of yourself holding something that says “Jasonators”! The pictures on this page are some examples.

Step 3: Send the picture to Jason on Instagram (@jasonparas) or email it to Jason (jasonparasmusic@gmail.com), and we’ll put it up on this website!

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2) Do your best to help other Jasonators every TUESDAY!

This is how we change the world :) Every Tuesday at 4PM Pacific Time, we post something on Instagram! COMMENT how your day was (good or bad), and reply to as many people’s comments as you can. 💜 Show other’s in our family LOVE and SUPPORT!

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3) Either volunteer to help more OR ask for a Jasonator to be there for you :)

Click the button below to volunteer, or be connected with a loving Jasonator!